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2010 års fullpackade Hybride Edition Paket inkluderat i alla leveranser

Datum: 2010-03-20
The Beachcomber Hybrid Hot Tub Features,
standard vid alla Sverigeleveranser HotTubs&Co


1. Eco4WALL™ Sealed Insulation Package “ECO4”
Every nook and cranny of the Beachcomber hot tub cavity is spray-filled with energy saving, eco friendly foam to maximize heat retention of the hot tub water. This high quality, water based vapour barrier insulation rates at a high of R3.6 per inch providing the best energy efficiency by filling the entire space of our cavity space. ECO4 is the same icynene rated foam used to thermo proof today’s mostmodern homes for superior energy conservation, in any type of climate.
2. The SafeAxiss™ Steps “SAS”
Beachcomber owners enjoy both safety and ease of access and exit with a wide, non-slip landing pad. Twin, built-in side steps allow 180 degree access for flexible installations. SAS doubles as an insulated, vented protective cover for the external Energy Saver electronic equipment.
3. The Perma-Seal Foundation™ “PSF”
This neatly engineered one piece ABS plastic full size plastic base caps off the complete bottom of your hot tub and protects the icynene foam filled cavity sealing insulation from ground moisture and all other elements providing the maximum in a protective barrier. A few added benefits with this bottom sealed design is to lessen, or absorb, most noises and it is so strong that you could even place your hot tub directly on the dirt or a ground pad if needed.
4. Energy Saver Management™ System “ESM”
Our programmable power system can manage up to the minute water flow to reduce power use and save you money. The noise reduction buffering equipment base is used to absorb motor sounds and it carries all the electronic equipment. The ESM systems goal allows our engineers; through our understanding of hot tub water flow; to do everything possible in the plumbing of our water flow to size the equipment right to give us the ability to reduce the horsepower and maximize performance on every Beachcomber model. We also use a quick disconnect union/valve fitting system on every piece of equipment for quick service and to preserve all heated water with no need to drain the water for the hot tub on service.
5. The Hush Pump™ System “HPS”
A virtually silent inline water cleansing system that can heat and filter a hundred percent of your hot tub water up to twenty four hours a day. This exclusive cleansing process requires little or no maintenance for our Beachcomber hot tubs while drawing less electricity than a hundred watt light bulb does when in use. The Hush Pump ensures superior water flow turnover for clean, fresh water and gives over 50% more efficiency and performance than the highest industry standards.
6. The Enviroskirt Cabinetry™ “ESC”
The Enviroskirt is a high grade, maintenance free synthetic hot tub cabinet that has a durable finish manufactured for outdoor use. The fully washable, embossed appearance provides UV protection, for durability in all seasons. The handmade assembly ensures furniture grade quality workmanship that sets the industry standard for form, fit and function.
7. The Reflex Foot Massage™ “RFM”
An exclusive internal hydro flow powered plumbing system that reduces any extra pumping motor usage needed by diverting the water flow by using a simple valve for the ultimate in a professional spa style foot and calf massage. This simple topside valve gives the user control over the type of massage selection giving three hot tubs in one providing; a deep soaker, the whirlpool swirling massage or our exclusive AllActive Seating for every bather massage in every seat.
8. The Power Guard Heatshield™ Cover “PGH”
A tough hand stitched, marine-grade vinyl outer cover that wraps the energy saving high density foam panels into a Heatshield hot tub cover. Our goal is to use this Heatshield to make a seal on the hot tub’s edge to form a vacuum between the hot tub water and cover. This design is much like a thermos bottle style vacuum theory trapping the heated liquid inside the vessel for energy efficiency in all weather conditions.
9. The EverLite™ Underwater Moodlighting “ELM”
Enjoy your evenings with added safety, ambiance and mood lighting using less energy in a year than it costs for one cup of coffee. MicroStar technology ensures that the EverLite will not burn out like a traditional spa light bulb. At the touch of a button, you can program and choose the desired colour of your hot tub water, or put it to the cycle mode to fill your hot tub water with every colour in the rainbow.
10. ClearTech™ UV Water Care Ready “CTR” (UV ClearTech Sanitizer Optional)
Beachcomber’s goal of a maintenance free hot tub is so important that on every BHE hot tub we have installed a factory prepared internal system to accept our CTR water sanitization cleaning system. This pre-plumbing can also be adapted for an ozone oxidizer; however this care ready will only accept one system. Using the power of our Cleartech UVC sterilization and sanitization CTR system cleaning of your hot tub water is possible without creating or producing any harmful by-products. This UVC technology method is used to sanitize most of our bottled drinking water.
11. Britewerx™ Massage Inserts “BWJ”
Britewerx gives Beachcomber a clean lasting bright surface that adds extra sparkle to the water. Using the BWJ massage inserts method gives you the ability to customize the type of massage, width and intensity of the massage, with the flexibility to choose the number of jets you need, at no extra cost.
12. Metallic Finish Acrylic “MFA”
Our exclusive Acuralux cast acrylic plastic finish is a tough, durable, lasting finish that is easy to clean and has been used by Beachcomber for over thirty years. Our MFA finish combined with our proprietary Glaslock 2000

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